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A Brave New Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Polly Yakovich is Co-founder and CMO at A Brave New, a Seattle digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses accelerate their growth through inbound marketing, branding, and web design. She specializes in working with clients to identify barriers to their growth and overcoming them with strategic content and marketing tactics. She has more than fifteen years of experience in digital marketing and branding.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why talented marketing agencies (and marketers) are easy to find, but amazing working relationships can be elusive, or break down over time
  • How to choose the right partners: agencies, freelancers, and more
  • Why honesty is always the best policy, even when that means getting honest with yourself
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • How to maintain the relationship and grow together

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