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A Brave New Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

For over a decade, Jennifer Pascoe has been carving a way for marketing leaders to make a

positive impact while driving a successful bottom line. Having worked with beginning startups to big-name brands, Jennifer focuses on strategic direction and overall brand experience first and foremost. She’s known for her creative collaboration and resourcefulness that allows no vision to be too big or too small. This approach has led Jennifer to many successes, such as managing and developing a promotional and events department, expanding market share for a new financial product nationally, co-owning an agency, and creating sales programs.

Jennifer loves the ability to flex practical wisdom with creative thinking. She also appreciates that the best ideas come from collaboration and loves working with talented teammates to learn something new every day.

When not tracking budget spend and crafting campaigns, you can find Jennifer hiking the beautiful PNW trails and volunteering with local entrepreneur organizations.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jennifer defines "humane marketing", and how she uses this principle to inform her overall marketing efforts
  • Why collaboration has been crucial for understanding customers' needs and pain points, and how Jennifer fosters a culture of teamwork and communication in her organization
  • What "regenerative business thinking" is and how it provides a positive and self-sustaining feedback loop within the business
  • What differences Jennifer recognizes between her male and female mentors, and how she works  to make a difference and be a supportive presence for her own mentees
  • How Jennifer and her team have adapted to the global pandemic, and what future changes she anticipates within marketing because of the pandemic
  • How Jennifer and her team have used the global pandemic as an opportunity to refresh their digital marketing presence, listen to customers, and meet their needs in other ways
  • How Jennifer's team is working to support each other through the emotional weight of the realities of the pandemic
  • Why "the power of people" can be an invaluable tool to promote and exponentially expand your personal brand, and how Jennifer is working to define and clarify her brand

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