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A Brave New Podcast

Aug 3, 2022

Fabian Geyrhalter is a brand strategist and creative director who was born in Vienna, Austria and has been living in Los Angeles for well over half his life. He understands that any venture can turn into an admired brand if developed in an intrinsic, holistic, and methodological manner.

Fabian has deep expertise in guiding companies through their brand transformations and has been sought out by companies such as Marriott International, Warner Brothers, Match Group, Honeywell, Kaplan, and Randstad. His thoughts on branding have appeared in publications like Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Washington Post.

All three of his books became international Amazon best-sellers and turned into go-to resources for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. From his Resonaid brand strategy workshops to the Hitting the Mark podcast, Fabian is in a constant stimulation cycle, which is clearly visible when he advises clients or shares his insights with his followers.

In 2022 Fabian launched a product startup, Toneoptic, which brings innovation, coupled with his brand-thinking, to the vinyl record storage system space.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Fabian’s fascination in logos as a child grew into a passion for building brands that build authentic emotional connections with 
  • Why every company must invest in brand if they want to succeed
  • How brands like Liquid Death succeed by being bold and focusing on a narrow niche
  • How early stage startups can leverage great branding to ensure their product gets noticed
  • Why B2B brands should loosen up and realize they are building connections with people, just like everyone else
  • Why emotions lie at the core of any great brand
  • How to break through any mental blocks as you’re trying to uncover the emotions behind your brand
  • How to go about naming creating a great name for your company

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