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A Brave New Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Paul Daniels is a keynote speaker and Founder & CEO of Peripheral Thinkers™ - a collaborative think-tank – where entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders learn, share, and apply lessons that propel their companies beyond obstacles and change the trajectory of industries worldwide. 

He is also the Chief Revenue Officer for Intelligent Contacts (a communications and payments SaaS company), Board Advisor for two start-ups, and author (book release May 2022).

Paul was labeled stupid, slow, lazy, and a daydreamer as a child. Undeterred, Paul has successfully applied lessons from one experience to the next. From personal to professional. Industry to society. Battlefield to cornfield. His unique perspectives on challenging conventions and creating unlimited paths to success, regardless of market conditions, have influenced companies of all sizes, including GE, UnitedHealthcare, Atos, WebMD, and AT&T. 

Five decades removed from his childhood labels, Paul's achievements as an executive, entrepreneur, advisor, inventor, and speaker span two dozen industries, 27 countries, and more than $2.3 billion in new annual revenue.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Gain a basic understanding of peripheral thinking.
  • Learn how peripheral thinking can drive innovation.
  • Learn how removing your focus from the challenge you face to focus and learn about things on the periphery of that challenge can lead to breakthroughs.
  • Discover what a baker in Bulgaria and JFK have to do with innovation.
  • Uncover practical steps to take to start building an idea repository that you can leverage to solve difficult problems in unique ways.
  • Learn how peripheral thinking can help you pivot quickly to react to an ever-changing business environment.
  • Take away actionable steps to start exercising your peripheral thinking muscles.

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