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A Brave New Podcast

Sep 14, 2022

Ben Slager is a seasoned account manager currently working as Principal Customer Success Manager at HubSpot. He resides in Seattle with his wife and Siberian cat, Ladyhawke.

Ben has extensive experience managing customers and helping them solve complex challenges. He’s worked in a broad spectrum of industries from non-profit fundraising to healthcare to tech. Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Marketing from Dordt College.

Away from work, you can find Ben supporting all the Seattle sports teams, playing indoor soccer, campaigning with his friends in D&D, or relaxing with his family on the couch.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The important role listening and asking good questions play in solving problems
  • What HubSpot product releases/enhancements announced at Inbound 2022 Ben is most excited to share with his clients
  • How HubSpot has evolved it’s platform to better serve large enterprise clients
  • Operations Hub, it’s capabilities and how it helps HubSpot fulfill on the promise of being an all-in-one CRM
  • Ways you can utilize Service Hub even if your business doesn’t need a customer help desk or ticketing system
  • Simple hacks Ben has learned to keep your HubSpot portal running efficiently and smoothly

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