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A Brave New Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

Chis Ihrig is founder and CEO of Fired-Up! Culture, a leadership development and consulting firm with offices in Puyallup, Seattle and Southern California. Chris' passion: igniting the best in people to build our future together!

With over twenty-five years of corporate executive leadership experience, Chris has a proven success philosophy that advances people and establishes corporate vision around the creation of dynamic and Fired-Up! organizational cultures. Chris provides visionary leadership with action principles to ignite the best in leadership, build amazing teams and unleash organizational cultures that engage and delight both internal and external stakeholders.

As a gifted team facilitator who brings energy, fun, focus and strategy to team development events for groups over 2500. Chris has successfully led thousands of team building sessions across North America and Globally.

Chris has been married to his wife Kris for 28-years, raising 4 kids who have just about all left the house. Finally! He holds an MBA in Organizational Change and a BA in Social Service Administration. He has been a member of the Puyallup School Board of Directors for 6-years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why culture matters, and why leaders should begin intentionally working on the organization's culture regardless of the size of the business
  • How Chris and the team at Fired-Up! Culture have defined culture and how they help clients identify where their culture is today and how to get where they want to go in the future
  • Why an organization's leadership is responsible for creating a space where every team member feels empowered to affect the company's culture
  • What key "aha!" moments Chris's clients experience when reviewing their company culture, and what painful truths leaders sometimes experience
  • How business leaders can help navigate their teams through change, and how a strong culture can empower employees and put the chaos of change into perspective
  • Why many people struggle with being a leader instead of a practitioner, and how this sometimes leads to surprising realizations for Chris's clients
  • What advice Chris has to share around self care and dealing with the unprecedented challenges in the world today, and why creating "margin" in life is crucial

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