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A Brave New Podcast

Sep 2, 2020

For 30+ years, Drew McLellan has been in the advertising industry. He started his career at Y&R, worked in boutique-sized agencies and then started his own agency (which he still owns and runs) in 1995. Additionally, Drew owns and leads the Agency Management Institute, which advises hundreds of small to mid-sized agencies on how to grow their agency and its profitability through agency owner peer groups, consulting, coaching, workshops, and more.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What trends Drew has identified in the agency world, and how small agencies have shown to be particularly nimble and able to adapt to today's unique challenges
  • What qualities clients are looking for in agencies, and what key questions Drew recommends prospective clients ask in the vetting process
  • Why it’s important for agencies to ask about their clients' concerns and be prepared to address them as the relationship develops
  • Why good agencies are also evaluating prospective clients for fit, and why great agencies should be ready to turn away prospects if necessary
  • Why businesses often take their work in-house during strong economies, and why the pendulum swings toward outside marketing partnerships when the economy struggles
  • How to build a trusting agency/client relationship
  • What key mistakes agencies and clients often make, and why having ongoing, meaningful conversations is crucial to resolving differences
  • Drew shares examples of truly collaborative relationships between agencies and clients, and why being well-aligned and communicative is the key to collaboration
  • What changes have happened in the business landscape since the start of the global pandemic, and what lasting changes Drew expects to remain after things go back to normal

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