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A Brave New Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Stacey Singer loves agencies. She believes that when they are at their best, agencies are unmatched in the value they can bring clients. Stacey's 25+ year career has given her a unique perspective on what drives client retention and growth.

She has successfully led and grown multiple agencies specializing in different marketing disciplines from advertising to market research—and in varied business situations from a 3-person start-up to a 1,000 person turn-around.

Before starting her consultancy, Stacey developed and led an industry-first global, client satisfaction program for the world’s largest marketing communications company. This work gave her great insight into what clients value most and how agencies can differentiate themselves.

Stacey now helps agencies keep and grow business. Her work includes consulting and training on an account, office, network, or holding company level.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What key trends Stacey has identified within the agency/client relationship that have been accelerated by the impact of the global pandemic
  • Why it's crucial to do the work needed to truly understand your clients' needs and pain points, and what important role client services and account managers can play in this
  • Why there is a trend toward clients working with more and a broader variety of agencies, and why culture can be an important competitive advantage
  • Stacey shares a favorite, easy exercise to help you better see from someone else's perspective and develop greater empathy
  • Why your incentives, rewards and systems should be tailored to and reflect the values your company believes in
  • What steps clients can take to maximize the productivity and collaboration of their relationships with the agencies they work with
  • What key turning points and moments Stacey has experienced over the arc of her career, and what lessons she has learned as a woman in business leadership
  • What skills marketers should develop to be successful today, and why soft skills can help you adapt to the necessarily nimbleness in today’s market

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